Gaon Records for 2017 Weekly Chart (Week 1 – Week 52). See Also: 2018 Comeback & Releases Schedule IU is the most anticipated artist from 2017. IU’s “Autumn Morning” is the song with highest number of download and streaming in a week. Also her other songs such as “Through The Night”, “Can’t Love You Anymore […]

2017 Weekly Chart

Top 20 Weekly Chart from Digital Music Sites and Music Show Chart for December Week 4. Full list of 2017 Weekly Chart (including Top 20 Music Show Chart & Gaon Chart) here – update December 31, 2017. Music Site Chart Top 20:   Music Show Chart win this week:   2017 Music Show Chart Cumulative wins/#1 (including SBS […]

2017 Gaon Chart & Sales

Top 100 most downloaded song, most streamed song and album sales in 2017. updated January 11, 2018. Taken from weekly and monthly domestic chart top 100, so only including korean release.The actual point is in BOLD, and for the rest could be seen in 2017 Gaon Year-end Chart that will be updated tomorrow. full image 2017 Gaon Download […]

Gaon Records for 2016 Weekly Chart (Week 1 – Week 53) Highest Download from no. 1 Song Highest First Week Download Song Highest Streaming from no. 1 song Boygroup Highest Download in A Week Girlgroup Highest Download in A Week Boygroup Highest Streaming in A Week Girlgroup Highest Streaming in A Week

Top 100 most downloaded song in 2016. Taken from year-end domestic chart top 100. Song that reached 1 million download in December: TT – Twice Don’t Comeback (Feat. Yong Junhyung of Beast) – Heize Day Day (Feat. Jay Park) (Prod. by GRAY) – Bewhy 2016 Gaon Download Chart

Gaon Digital Chart Progression for Kpop Group (Song released in 2016) in Top 100. Updated December 29, 2016. Will keep updating until all of these songs out from the chart. Gaon Digital Chart Progression for Boygroup Longest Charting Boygroup Songs in top 100 (not consecutively) EXO – Monster | 29 weeks (still charting) BTS – […]

Top 100 album sales in 2016 updated November 2016. This chart is taken from monthly chart top 100 and only including korean release. Note that there will be any different data from the actual points since there are just top 100 that can be tracked. The actual point will can be seen in 2016 Gaon Year-end Chart that will be updated […]