Top 100 most downloaded song in 2016. Updated September 2016. This chart is taken from monthly chart only and only including korean release. Note that there will be any different data from the actual points since there are just top 400 that can be tracked. Will be updated every month.

Boygroup and Girlgroup fancafe ranking. updated October 2, 2016 Trans: Kpop Count. Credit: Devil’s Story Top 30 Boygroup Fancafe Ranking Top 40 Girlgroup Fancafe Ranking

Songs with most Weekly #1 in Melon (2005 – 2016) Artists with most Weekly #1 in Melon (2005 – 2006) *nb solo and unit counted separately   Kpop Group Weekly #1 in Melon (2005 – 2016)

Top 100 most viewed K-pop and K-pop group music videos. Updated September 21, 2016. Only including Korean release. Will be updated three times a month. see also: [YOUTUBE] K-POP GROUP MUSIC VIDEOS VIEW RANKING For K-pop group mv views ranking, it’s only including K-pop group and unit, official korean release.