Fancafe Group Ranking – July 2017

Top 40 Boygroup & Girlgroup Fancafe Ranking. updated July 5, 2017. Note that some fancafe (especially SM and JYP artists fancafe) not active and/or unofficial.

Boygroup Fancafe Ranking

Girlgroup Fancafe Ranking

Most increased member fancafe in June (June 5 – July 5)


  1. Wannaone | 149,578
  2. NU’EST | 51,758
  3. BTS | 23,169
  4. Seventeen | 3,038
  5. BTOB | 2,556


  1. Mamamoo | 2,784
  2. WJSN | 1,352
  3. Apink | 942
  4. Gugudan | 760
  5. Pristin | 693

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  1. Not a twice fan but that drop in fancafe is fascinating to me, considering that they’re the trendiest girl group right now. Can anyone tell me what it could possibly correlate to?


    1. Probably because that fancafe isn’t Twice’s official one. All JYP artists use the official JYP fancafe so any individual group fancafes are unnofficial 🙂
      All SM and JYP Daum fancafes are either unnofficial and/or old. For example, EXO doesn’t use their Daum fancafe anymore and instead use an app (which has over 4 million users). Super Junior, TVXQ, Red Velvet, and SNSD fancafes, though official, have been unused for years.
      So a proper list is one that has omitted all JYP and SM fancafes.


      1. Fair enough. Although the kpopcount data lists the numbers coming from naver. And it looks like many of the kpop groups from the big 3 have their fancafe numbers taken from naver.

        So does that mean youre talking about a different fancafe apart from the ones in either naver or daum?


  2. where’s BEAST/HIGHLIGHT?


    1. im not including BEAST fancafe since the group is not active (as BEAST), Highlight fancafe in that time is still under 10K member


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