February 2017

2017 Singer Big Data Brand Reputation Top 25 Singer Big Data Brand Reputation.   2017 Boygroup Big Data Brand Reputation Top 20 Boygroup Big Data Brand Reputation.   Monthly top Boygroup: BTS (8 months), Wanna One (3 months), EXO 2017 Girlgroup Big Data Brand Reputation Top 20 Girlgroup Big Data Brand Reputation. Monthly top Girlgroup: Twice (9 months), Red […]

2017 Gaon Chart & Sales

Top 100 most downloaded song, most streamed song and album sales in 2017. updated January 11, 2018. Taken from weekly and monthly domestic chart top 100, so only including korean release.The actual point is in BOLD, and for the rest could be seen in 2017 Gaon Year-end Chart that will be updated tomorrow. full image 2017 Gaon Download […]

Gaon Records for 2016 Weekly Chart (Week 1 – Week 53) Highest Download from no. 1 Song Highest First Week Download Song Highest Streaming from no. 1 song Boygroup Highest Download in A Week Girlgroup Highest Download in A Week Boygroup Highest Streaming in A Week Girlgroup Highest Streaming in A Week

Top 100 most viewed Kpop music videos all-time. Updated February 1, 2017. Only including Korean released. Most viewed Kpop MV from Top 100 All-time Ranking in January 2017 (January 1 – February 1) PSY – GANGNAM STYLE | 27,429,193 TWICE – TT | 26,509,268 BIGBANG – FXXK IT | 21,064,295 BLACKPINK – PLAYING WITH FIRE […]