Kpop Idol Name Sort by Surname/Family and Birth Year

List of Idol name by Surname/Family name, Stage name, Birth year, Birth date and The group, you can adjust it by yourself. This list includes 1. An idol who still active or listed active by their company, 2. An idol who serving in military service, 3. An ex idol 4. A solo artist that can considered as an idol. This list is not complete as there are so many older or newer idol that still not in the list, so if you want to tell us to add some idol that missed or not listed or if some info is not right, please tell us.

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For the romanization of korean names, we use Revised Romanization of Korean but for the surname and some letter we use McCune–Reischauer because it more known by people. Also Korean surename is differentiate by its Hanja character, example for임, it can be spelled as Im, Lim and Yim. So for make it easy we equate it all. You can check it below.

Ahn 안

Bae 배

Baek 백

Bang 방

Bong 봉

Bu 부

Byun 변

Cha 차

Chae 채

Cho 조

Choi 최

Chu 추

Do 도

Eun 은

Ha 하

Ham 함

Han 한

Hur 허

Hong 홍

Hwang 황

Im 임


Jang 장

Jeon 전

Ji 지

Jin 진

Ju. 주

Jung 정

Kang 강

Ki 기

Kim 김

Ko 고

Kong 공

Ku 구

Kuk 국

Kwak 곽

Kwon 권

Lee 이

Ma 마

Min 민

Moon 문

Na 나

Nam 남


Oh 오

Ong 옹

Park 박

Pyun 편


Roh 노

Seo 서

Shim 심

Shin 신

Son 손

Song 송

Sun 선

Sung 성

Woo 우

Yang 양

Yeo 여

Yeom 염

Yeon 연

Yong 용

Yoo 유

Yook 육

Yoon 윤

For 우 and 영, if it does not begin with a consonant, it will be writed as ‘woo’ and ‘young’.

This list updated on February 2, 2018. You can use ctrl+F or search it for someone you looking for!

List of Kpop Idol Name

Birth YearBirth dateReal Name (soon)Real NameStage NameStatus Group
this list compiled by KPOP COUNT
1998 January 23Adachi Yuto Yuto Pentagon
1996 June 4Ahn Chae-yeon Yeoreum Hello Venus
1994 August 16Ahn Daniel Niel Teen Top
1997 August 31Ahn Eun-jin Eun-jinDIA
1992 March 11Ahn Francesca Cheska exFiestar
1992 May 1Ahn Hee-yeon Hani EXID
1995 July 23Ahn Hye-jin Hwasa Mamamoo
1999 August 9Ahn Hyeong-seopAhn Hyeong-seopHyeongseop X Euiwoong
1991 December 10Ahn Hyo-jin LE EXID
1990 December 23Ahn Jae-hyo Jae-hyoBlock B
1987 October 14Ahn Jin-ah Kota HiatusSunny Hill
1995 September 15Ahn Ji-young Ahn Ji-youngBolppalgan4
1978 December 22Ahn Shin-won Danny Ahn g.o.d
1992 June 27Ahn So-hee Ahn So-heeexWonder Girls
1992 August 27Ahn So-hyeon Jerry Tahiti
1997 August 19Ahn Sol-bin Sol-binLaboum
2000 January 26Ahn Som-yiSom-yiDIA
2000 September 17Ahn Tae-seonTae-seonTRCNG
1995 May 4Ahn Ye-in Ye-inMelody Day
1988 July 29Alexander Lee EusebioAlexanderexU-KISS
1992 May 3Bae Je-wookBenjiB.I.G
1994 June 9Bae Jin-ye ZN Laboum
2000 May 10Bae Jin-young Bae Jin-youngWANNA ONE
1991 March 29Bae Ju-hyeon Irene Red Velvet
1997 May 30Bae Jun-youngJacobThe Boyz
1999 May 25Bae Seong-yeon Sung-yeonPristin
1998 October 13Bae Seung-minSeung-minGolden Child
1991 November 21Bae Woo-hee Woo-heeDal Shabet
1997 September 9Bae Yu-bin Binnie Oh My Girl
1993 March 11Baek Ah-yeonBaek A-yeon-
1988 June 18Baek Bo-ram Geummi Crayon Pop
1988 March 28Baek Da-eunVikiexDal-Shabet
2003 April 17Baek Ji-heonBaek Ji-heonFromis_9
1996 July4Baek Ju-ho Zuho SF9
1993 February 15Baek Myeong-han Myung-hanHigh4
1994 October 10Baek Su-ji Suzy exMiss A
1997 July 13Baek Ye-bin Ye-binDIA
1997 June 26Baek Ye-rin Baek Ye-rin15&
1997 October 3Bang ChanBang ChanStray Kids
1991 March 10Bang Cheol-yong Mir MBLAQ
1991 February 27Bang Hyeon-ahLinaWanna.B
1993 May 13Bang Min-ah Min-ahGirl’s Day
1992 November 4Bang Min-su C.A.P Teen Top
1996 June 26Bang Su-jin Su-jinWassup
1990 March 31Bang Yong-guk Yong-gukB.A.P
2001 March 9Beom Ga-on Ga-onBONUSBaby
1997 May 2Bhuwakul, Kunpimook Bambam GOT7
1999 January 4Bong Jae-hyeonJae-hyunGolden Child
1998 January 18Bu Seung-gwan Seung-kwanSeventeen
1992 May 6Byun Baek-hyeon Baek-hyunEXO
1999 April 17Byun Hyeon-minByun Hyun-minRAINZ
1998 December 14Byun Seung-miJaneyexGP Basic
1987 August 30Cáo Lù Cao Lu Fiestar
1990 June 30Cha Hak-yeon N VIXX
1994 July 12Cha Hun Cha Hun N.Flying
1995 June 3Cha Jin-solCha Jin-solReal Girls Project
1992 September 5Cha Seon-woo Baro B1A4
1980 April 29Chae Da-hee Crystal exAs One
1994 January 15Chae Hyeong-won Hyung-wonMonsta X
1995 December 26Chae Jin-suk Chaejin MYNAME
1987 June 16Cháng YījiāoYijoexBP Rania
1989 August 27Chen XiaoXiao exVAV
1998 July 15Chéng Xiāo Cheng Xiao Cosmic Girls/WJSN
1991 January 22Cheon Byeong-hwaRonBigflo
1999 November 23Cheon Jae-inJaneReal Girls Project, ex The Ark
2000 May 12Cho Da-wonDa-wonVarsity
1985 March 25Cho Dong-rimMad Clown-
1995 September 11Cho Eun-ae D.ana Sonamoo
1992 July 28Cho Ga-eun Jo Ka-eunexDal Shabet
1991 September 14Cho Han-gyeongLuAexBadkiz
1997 August 18Cho Ha-seul Ha-seulLOONA / LOOΠΔ
1991 August 11Cho Hyeon-youngJo Hyun-youngexRainbow
2000 August 5Cho Hye-youngHye-youngGugudan
1991 May 26Cho Ja-young Ahyoung exDal Shabet
1995 November 27Cho Jeong-heeJung-heeA-JAX
1996 October 9Cho Jin-heeJinexTahiti
1992 April 17Cho Jin-ho Jin-hoPentagon
1992 November 23Cho Jong-hwan Jong-hwan1
1995 April 24Cho Kwang-min Kwang-minBoyfriend
1989 August 28Cho Kwon Jo Kwon 2AM
1988 February 3Cho Kyu-hyeon Kyu-hyuninactiveSuper Junior
1981 November 2Cho Mi-hye Miryo Brown Eyed Girls
1980 January 30Cho Myeong-ik Mikey Turbo
1995 February 10Cho Sang-ho Sang-hoSnuper
1992 January 23Cho Seo-yeonSeo-yeonexSunny Days
1991 June 3Cho Seung-heeCho Seung-heeexF-ve Dolls, DIA
1996 August 5Cho Seung-yeon Seung-yeonUNIQ
1991 October 11Cho So-jin So-jinNine Muses
2000 January 12Cho Su-gyeongSu-kyungFavorite
1988 November 22Cho Won-jun One Junn Boys Republic
2000 September 27Cho Woo-yeopWoo-yeopTRCNG
1993 January 16Cho Young-binKanghanMVP
1991 August 15Cho Young-jinJoAexStellar
1995 April 24Cho Young-min Young-minBoyfriend
1993 May 25Cho Yun-minYoominexBadkiz
1991 November 9Choi Ashley Ashley Ladies’ Code
2000 August 24Choi Bo-minBo-minGolden Child
1997 November 12Choi Byeong-chan Byung-chanVICTON
1998 April 26Choi Chan-heeNewThe Boyz
1993 May 18Choi Cho-ahChoi ChoRubber Soul
1992 April 19Choi Chung-hyeopBaronVAV
1990 May 14Choi Eun-mi Eun Two X
1997 February 12Choi Eun-su Eun-suMYTEEN
1993 May 14Choi Ha-don Sancheong JJCC
1998 February 18Choi Han-sol / Vernon Hansol Choi Vernon Seventeen
2000 August 22Choi Ha-youngHa-youngTRCNG
1992 October 1Choi Hyeong-geun Suhyun Snuper
1981 March 7Choi Hyeon-junChoi Hyun-joonV.O.S
1994 July 28Choi Hyo-jeong Hyo-jungOh My Girl
1988 July 1Choi Ji-hyeJiwooexWanna.B
1987 September 13Choi Ji-na / Gina Jane Choi G.NA -
1994 March 29Choi Jin-ri Sulli exf(x)
1990 March 7Choi Jong-hunChoi Jong-hoonFT Island
1995 November 16Choi Jong-hyeon Changjo Teen Top
1996 October 15Choi Jun-hong Zelo B.A.P
1992 April 21Choi Jun-hyeok Jun-hyukHOTSHOT
1991 October 2Choi Ki-su Ki-su24K
1991 December 9Choi Min-ho Min-hoSHINee
1992 November 11Choi Min-hwanChoi Min-hwanFT Island
1997 February 2Choi Min-jiMinzyS.I.S
1995 November 3Choi Min-ki Ren NU’EST
1997 April 25Choi Mun-hee Moon-heeBONUSBaby
1998 August 12Choi Mun-juGaeulS.I.S
1993 September 3Choi Seon-ah Juniel -
1994 September 24Choi Seong-hyeok WoosungSnuper
1995 December 7Choi Seong-minSung-minexSPEED, Coed School
1995 July 31Choi Seong-yunYGolden Child
1992 March 12Choi Seon-woo Sun-wooBoys Republic
1995 August 8Choi Seung-chul S.Coups Seventeen
1987 November 4Choi Seung-hyeon T.O.P hiatusBigbang
1990 February 10Choi Su-young Soo-youngGirl's Generation
1996 May 14Choi Woo-youngWoo-youngTop Secret
2001 June 4Choi Ye-rim Choerry LOONA / LOOΠΔ
1999 June 18Choi Ye-won Arin Oh My Girl
1996 September 17Choi Young-jae Young-jaeGOT7
1999 November 12Choi Yu-jeong Yoo-jungWeki Meki I.O.I
1993 December 3Choi Yu-jinEujinex4TEN
1996 August 12Choi Yu-jin Yu-jinCLC
1999 February 2Choi Yu-na Bella ELRIS
1997 October 4Choi Yu-na Yuju Gfriend
1997 June 19Choi Yun-seon New Sun Sonamoo
1986 April 7Choi Si-won Si-wonSuper Junior
1995 November 6Chu So-jeong EXY Cosmic Girls/WJSN
1991 March 20Chǔ Xiǎoxiáng Casper exCross Gene
1997 February 13DèngbīnJaebinVarsity
1997 September 25Do Han-se Han-seVICTON
1993 January 12Do Kyeong-suD.O EXO
1997 October 28Dǒng Sīchéng Winwin NCT
1988 May 18Dong Young-bae Taeyang Bigbang
1990 February 13Esther Gongju ThamTAMex4TEN
1978 June 8Eun Ji-wonEun Ji-wonSechskies
1995 June 8Fù Yīngnán Ttabo BP Rania
1993 January 12Gao Jia NingJ.GexCross Gene
1993 December 13Ha Ji-yongGodakMIND U
1987 March 13Ha Jun-young E.Co JJCC
1990 September 6Ha Min-woo Min-wooZE:A
1994 March 22Ha Seong-woon Sung-woonHOTSHOT, WANNA ONE
1997 May 24Ha Su-youngYvesLOONA / LOOΠΔ
1987 December 12Ham Eun-jeong Eun-jungexT-ara
1994 October 5Ham Seung-jinSeung-jinA-JAX
1994 July 8Ham Ye-jiYe-jiexBlady
1993 January 4Han Da-youngDa-youngexSunny Days
1996 March 26Han Dong Han Dong Dreamcathcer
1984 February 9Hán GēngHan GengexSuper Junior
1997 November 21Han Gyu-jin Gyu-jinUP10TION
1995 August 16Han Hae-bin Hae-binGugudan
1994 September 26Han Hyeon-wookHyun-ukIN2IT, ex Unit Black Boys27
1997 August 24Han Hye-ri Hye-riexI.B.I
1986 January 26Han Jae-jun Kim Jae-joongJYJ, ex TVXQ
1999 September 28Han Jae-woon Win INX
1991 February 20Han Jeong-ahDunaexBadkiz
1992 June 18Han Ji-hyeon TeyMR.MR
2000 September 14Han Ji-seongHan Ji-sungStray Kids
1991 December 17Han Na-yeonHan Na-yeonexF-ve Dolls
1995 July 5Han Sang-hyeok Hyuk VIXX
1990 October 6Han Seon-hwaHan Sun-hwaexSecret
1994 December 24Han Seung-woo Seung-wooVICTON
1988 July 24Han Seung-yeon Han Seung-yeonexKARA
1990 November 24Han Ye-jinYe-jinexBrave Girls
1990 May 24Henry Prince MakPrince MakexJJCC
1996 November 9Hirai Momo Momo TWICE
1989 October 3Hong Da-raeDa-raeexBlady
1996 October 8Hong Eui-jin Eui-jinSonamoo
1997 September 29Hong Eun-giHong Eun-kiRAINZ
1992 July 19Hong Eun-ji Eun-jiBrave Girls
1988 October 31Hong Heui-raHeui-raexSunny Days
1995 December 30Hong Ji-su / Joshua Jisoo Hong Joshua Seventeen
1999 July 31Hong Ju-chanJoo-chanGolden Child
1990 November 25Hong Ju-hyeong Cory 24K
1991 April 14Hong Seok-junHong Seok-junex24K
1986 July 17Hong Seong-mi Dana CSJH The Grace
1999 September 24Hong So-jinSo-jinHash Tag
1994 September 22Hong Yu-kyeongHong Yoo-kyungexApink
1988 June 24Horvejkul, Nichkhun Buck Nichkhun 2PM
2000 March 23Huáng Rénjùn Renjun NCT
1993 May 2Huáng Zitāo Tao exEXO
1995 December 14Hur Chan Chan VICTON
1992 April 6Hur Chan-miHeo Chan-miexF-ve Dolls, Coed School
1990 October 20Hur Eun-jeongE.JexTahiti
1984 November 15Hur Gak Huh Gak -
1990 May 18Hur Ga-yun Heo Ga-yoonex4minute
2000 March 9Hur Hyeon-junHwallThe Boyz
1989 June 18Hur Jeong-yun Jeong-yunexSunny Days
1994 November 16Hur Jun Heo Jun MADTOWN
1990 July 12Hur Min-jin Choa Crayon Pop
1990 July 12Hur Min-seon Way Crayon Pop
1989 January 10Hur Sol-ji Sol-jiEXID
1991 September 2Hur Su-yeon Eunice DIA
1994 August 30Hur Young-ji Heo Young-jiexKARA
1992 March 21Hur Young-juHeo Young-jooReal Girls Project, ex The Seeya
1986 November 3Hur Young-saeng Heo Young-saengSS501
1994 September 23Hur Yun Yun ex4TEN
1990 February 11Hwang Chan-seong Chan-sung2PM
1998 June 3Hwang Eun-bi SinB Gfriend
1997 July 13Hwang Eun-miHanabyulexReal Girls Project
1992 March 14Hwang Gi-cheonKichunexBigflo
2000 March 20Hwang Hyeon-jinHwang Hyun-jinStray Kids
1993 June 21Hwang In-hoIn-hoIN2IT, ex Unit Black Boys25
1987 January 31Hwang In-seonHwang In-sun-
1986 January 4Hwang Ji-heeJi-heeexSunny Days
1989 October 17Hwang Ji-seonJi-sunexGirl’s Day
2000 February 7Hwang Ji-wonVivaGood Day
1988 March 15Hwang Ju-woonHwang Joo-woonexAA
1988 August 25Hwang Kwang-hee Kwang-heeZE:A
1995 August 9Hwang Min-hyeon Min-hyunNU’EST, WANNA ONE
1989 August 1Hwang Mi-young / Stephanie Hwang Tiffany Girls' Generation
1999 March 30Hwang Na-yunNa-yoonGood Day
1987 May 4Hwang Saem Yina exBP Rania
1990 June 20Hwang Se-jinSe-jinWanna.B
1996 August 29Hwang Woo-rim Woo-limPlayback
1997 January 12Hwang Ye-eun Ye-eunBlady
1982 January 17Hwang Yun-seok Hwanhee Fly To The Sky
1996 March 19Hwang Yun-seong Yun-sungRomeo
1996 January 25Hyun Seung-hee Seung-heeOh My Girl
1989 June 15Im Chang-seok Jiyoo Two X
1996 January 26Im Chang-gyun I.M Monsta X
1999 May 14Im Da-young Da-youngCosmic Girls/WJSN
1992 March 7Im Hyeon-sik Hyun-sikBTOB
1994 March 19Im Hyeon-taeLexBigflo
1998 June 10Im Hyo-seon Hyo-sunH.U.B
1994 January 6Im Jae-beom JB GOT7
1997 November 6Im Jeong-gyuJeong-gyuSeven O'Clock
1990 July 15Im Jeong-hunJ-HoonB.I.G
1991 September 14Im Jin-ah Nana After School
1993 July 17Im Jun-hyeokIm Jun-hyeokexDAY6
1989 October 22Im Min-ji Linzy Fiestar
1995 September 22Im Na-yeon Na-yeonTWICE
1995 December 18Im Na-young Na-youngPristin, ex I.O.I
1996 May 24Im Se-jun Se-junVICTON
1988 December 1Im Si-wan Si-wanZE:A
1996 October 7Im So-eunN.CA-
1993 September 9Im So-young So-youngStellar
2002 November 11Im Yeo-jin Yeo-jinLOONA / LOOΠΔ
1990 May 30Im Yoon-ah Yoon-aGirls' Generation
1995 August 24Im Young-jun Young-junHigh4
1995 December 25Im Young-minIm Young-minMXM
1997 February 11Jang Dae-hyeonJang Dae-hyunRAINZ
1990 November 22Jang Dong-woo Dong-wooINFINITE
1997 December 27Jang Gyu-riJang Gyu-riFromis_9
1985 March 28Jang Hee-youngJang Hee-youngexGavy NJ
1993 December 20Jang Hyeok-jin Hyuk-jin1
1989 September 3Jang Hyeon-seung Jang Hyun-seungexBEAST
1993 November 15Jang Jin-youngXiaexBP Rania
1996 September 7Jang PyeongJacobVAV
1994 December 15Jang Sae-bomSae-bomexWanna.B
1996 April 24Jang Se-bin Se-binSnuper
1996 November 6Jang Seung-yeon Seung-yeonCLC
1996 November 21Jang So-jin Soyee Gugudan
1992 April 10Jang So-min So-minBadkiz
1980 July 16Jang Su-wonJang Su-wonSechskies
1992 August 28Jang Woo-youngACEVAV
1989 April 30Jang Woo-young Woo-youg2PM
1998 August 10Jang Ye-eun Ye-eunCLC
1993 September 10Jang Yi-jeong Yi-jeongexHistory
2000 April 15Jang Yun-hoYun-hoVarsity
1986 March 22Jeon Bo-ram Bo-ramexT-ara
1998 January 14Jeon Chi-binChi-binMASC
2000 October 6Jeon Hee-jin Hee-jinLOONA / LOOΠΔ
1992 October 31Jeon Ho-jun Ho-joonTopp Dogg
1993 January 11Jeon Hyeong-minHigh TopBigflo
1989 October 13Jeon Hyo-seong Hyo-sungSecret
1997 September 1Jeon Jeong-guk Jung-kookBTS
1996 October 4Jeon Ji-woo Ji-wooKARD
1990 October 15Jeon Ji-yun Jeon Ji-yoonex4minute
1992 February 27Jeon Min-heeSeoyoonexWanna.B
1989 February 4Jeon Min-jiMi-njiexSunny Days
1994 September 8Jeon Min-juMin-juexThe Ark
2001 March 9Jeon So-mi / Ennik Somi Douma So-miexI.O.I
1996 August 22Jeon So-min So-minKARD
1998 August 26Jeon So-yeonJeon So-yeon-
1996 July 17Jeon Won-woo Won-wooSeventeen
1996 March 30Jeon Ye-juHannahexGP Basic
1996 September 6Jeon Yu-jinYu-jinexThe Ark
1994 March 20Jeon Yu-ri Jeonyul exStellar
1998 November 5Ji Chang-minQThe Boyz
1996 September 16Ji HyeonMisoP.O.P
1994 March 3Ji Su-min Su-minSonamoo
1997 April 20Ji Su-yeon Su-yeonWeki Meki
1987 January 12Jin Bo-ra Sunday CSJH The Grace
2001 November 3Jin Hyeon-juLuckyGood Day
1995 March 6Jin Hye-wonJin Hye-wonexF-ve Dolls, Coed School
1992 December 16Jin Hyo-sangKidohexTopp Dogg
1995 December 2Jin Jun-wooBulletVarsity
1996 March 2Jīn LóngguóKim Yong-gukJBJ
1998 March 1Jin Seung-wookRihoVarsity
1994 August 17Jin Yong-hunYong-hoonMAS
1992 June 12Ju Eun-young Eun-youngTwo X
1999 March 9Ju Hak-nyeon / Brian ChowJu Hak-nyeonThe Boyz
1998 March 29Ju Ha-rinHa-rinMAS
1993 January 3Ju Min-hee Min-heeStellar
1981 January 10Ju Min-kyu / Brian Minkyu Joo Brian Joo Fly To The Sky
1986 March 29Ju So-yeongJu So-youngexAfter School
1996 February 24Ju Won-takJu Won-takRAINZ
1987 November 6Jung Byeong-hee G.O MBLAQ
1997 December 1Jung Chae-yeonJung Chae-yeonDIA, ex I.O.I
1998 January 26Jung Chan-woo ChaniKON
1993 June 28Jung Dae-hyeon Dae-hyunB.A.P
1996 November 25Jung Dae-kwangJung Dae-kwangVOISPER
1994 June 3Jung Da-eunDa-eun2EYES
1998 February 2Jung Da-somDa-somexSunny Days
1997 May 30Jung Eun-bi Eunha Gfriend
1998 July 1Jung Eun-woo Eun-wooPristin
1997 January 14Jung Hae-riHaeriP.O.P
1998 July 20Jung Hae-rim Elly Weki Meki
1990 February 2Jung Ha-na Ha-naSecret
1998 November 21Jung Ha-yun Ha-yoonBONUSBaby
1989 December 9Jung Hee-cheol Hee-cheolZE:A
1993 August 1Jung Ho-ik Ho-ikexAA
1994 February 18Jung Ho-seok J-hopeBTS
1992 April 2Jung Hye-ji Hye-ji4TEN
1982 April 16Jung Hye-minJung Hye-minexGavy NJ
1993 August 18Jung Hye-rim Eunji Apink
1996 September 9Jung Hye-wonTrinityexGP Basic
1994 October 4Jung Il-hun Il-hoonBTOB
1994 July 1Jung In-seong In-seongKNK
1987 September 19Jung Jae-gyeongJae-kyungexNine Muses
1993 January 27Jung Jae-wookZ-UkexBigflo
1987 November 27Jung Jeong-gyunJung-kyunBigflo
1990 January 25Jung Ji-eun Yeoeun Melody Day
1982 June 25Jung Ji-hun Rain -
1997 June 13Jung Jin-solJin-soulLOONA / LOOΠΔ
1991 May 2Jung Jin-woonJung Jin-woon2AM
1991 November 18Jung Jin-young Jin-youngB1A4
1994 January 20Jung Ji-yeonSiyoungexWanna.B
1996 June 2Jung Kwang-hoJung Kwang-hoVOISPER
1993 January 1Jung Mi-mi Mi-miGugudan
1990 October 11Jung Min-juJoo -
1979 November 27Jung Pil-gyo Shin Hye-sungShinhwa
2002 October 26Jung Sa-gangJeong Sa-gangThe East Light
1993 January 16Jung Seong-hak Sung-hakBig Star
1997 November 1Jung Seung-boSeung-boVarsity
1997 May 31Jung Se-woonJung Se-woon-
1994 May 4Jung So-yeon So-yeonLaboum
1999 April 5Jung Su-bin Su-binVICTON
1988 July 3Jung Su-jeongSoo-jungexSunny Days
1994 October 24Jung Su-jeong / Chystal Su Jung Krystal f(x)
1989 April 18Jung Su-yeon / Jessica Jung Jessica exGirl's Generation
1990 November 10Jung Taek-woon Leo VIXX
1995 April 17Jung Whee-in Whee-inMamamoo
1998 January 31Jung Woo-seok Woo-seokPentagon
1998 June 4Jung Ye-in Jung Ye-inLovelyz
1990 May 30Jung Yeon-gyunYeon-kyunBe.A, ex K-Much
1992 July 6Jung Yeon-taeYeon-taeIN2IT, ex Unit Black Boys26
1996 August 19Jung Ye-rin Ye-rinGfriend
1995 April 4Jung Yi-raJung Yi-raexBerry Good
1989 June 22Jung Yong-hwa Jung Yong-hwaCNBLUE
1991 October 7Jung Yong-ju / Nicole Yongju Jung Nicole exKARA
1992 October 8Jung Yoo-seongYu-seongBigflo
1991 January 2Jung Yu-ji Uji exBESTie, EXID
1992 September 14Jung Yu-jin Yu-jinexBrave Girls
1984 December 2Jung Yun-hakYun-hakSupernova
1986 February 6Jung Yun-ho U-Know YunhoTVXQ
1990 April 14Jung Yun-hyeJung Yoon-hyeexRainbow
1997 February 14Jung Yun-oh Jaehyun NCT
1995 July 21Kang Baek-ho Baek-hoNU’EST
2000 January 17Kang Chan-hee Chan-heeSF9
1989 April 26Kang Dae-seong Dae-sungBigbang
1996 December 10Kang Daniel Kang Daniel WANNA ONE
1998 January 27Kang Hyang-gu Kino Pentagon
1998 November 24Kang Hyeon-guKanghyunMAS
1990 December 8Kang Hye-yeon Hye-yeonBESTie, ex EXID
1993 March 3Kang In-hoNooriexSPEED, Coed School
1988 March 10Kang In-su In-sooMYNAME
1993 October 17Kang Ji-eun Ji-eunBP Rania
1992 February 12Kang Ji-hyeon Soyou exSistar
1994 January 18Kang Ji-young Kang Ji-youngexKARA
1994 April 21Kang JunKang JunexC-Clown
1993 August 9Kang Jun-gyu JunQ MYNAME
1997 November 5Kang Kyung-won Yuha Pristin
1999 December 4Kang Mi-na Mi-naGugudan, ex I.O.I
1991 June 28Kang Min-hyuk Kang Min-hyukCNBLUE
1990 August 3Kang Min-kyeongKang Min-kyungDavichi
1996 October 21Kang Min-seokXiweolVarsity
1991 May 21Kang Monika Monika Badkiz
1998 December 13Kang Se-hyeong Se-hyungBerry Good
1980 February 22Kang Seong-hunKang Sung-hoonSechskies
1994 February 10Kang Seul-gi Seul-giRed Velvet
1995 April 16Kang Seung-sik Seung-sikVICTON
1994 January 21Kang Seung-yeon YoonWINNER
2001 September 27Kang So-eun Rina Weki Meki
1988 July 9Kang Su-jiSeo-rinGavy NJ
1998 October 19Kang Ye-bin Rena Pristin
1993 December 19Kang Young-hyun / Brian Kang Young K DAY6
1997 December 31Kang Yu-chan Chan A.C.E
1995 June 16Ki Hui-hyeon Hui-hyeonDIA
1996 May 28Kim Ah-hyeonDalS.I.S
1994 February 15Kim Ah-inA-inTop Secret, ex NOM
1998 May 26Kim Ah-reum (she is using her mother’s surname) / Shannon Arrum Williams Shannon Williams -
1992 November 6Kim Ah-young Yura Girl’s Day
1990 September 7Kim Alexander Alex High4
1987 January 14Kim Bo-ahKim Bo-aexSPICA
1989 March 31Kim Bo-hyeongKim Bo-hyungexSPICA
1987 October 16Kim Bo-kyeong Stephanie exCSJH The Grace
1992 November 14Kim Bo-miBombomexBadkiz
2001 September 24Kim Bo-minBominGood Day
1994 August 10Kim Bo-ra Sua Dreamcatcher, ex MINX
1994 January 8Kim Byung-ju B-JooTopp Dogg
1996 August 13Kim Byung-kwan Jason A.C.E
1999 September 29Kim Chae-hyeon Chae-hyunBONUSBaby
1997 November 8Kim Chae-won Chae-wonApril
1997 July 5Kim Chae-youngCherryGood Day
1996 June 19Kim Chan-miChan-miAOA
1993 April 29Kim Chan-yong Chan-yong1
1992 February 27Kim Chan-yul Yul JJCC
1996 February 9Kim Cheong-ha Chung-haexI.O.I
1996 March 29Kim Chul-min Kim Chul-minHoneyst
1992 May 10Kim Dae-ilKim Dae-ilex24K
1990 May 10Kim Dae-seong Ace MASC
1998 May 28Kim Da-hyeon Da-hyunTWICE
1995 August 8Kim Da-jeongDa-jeongHash Tag
1991 October 18Kim Da-raeDiexBP Rania
1988 August 14Kim Da-rae Jenny Gavy NJ
1993 May 6Kim Da-som Da-somexSistar
1991 February 2Kim Da-young Da-youngBlady
2000 November 20Kim Da-yun Da-yunBONUSBaby
1993 June 4Kim Do-eunDo-eunMASC
1996 December 21Kim Do-hee High.D Sonamoo
1998 July 3Kim Dong-hanKim Dong-hanJBJ
1997 January 3Kim Dong-hyeok DKiKON
1999 February 23Kim Dong-hyeonDong-hyunGolden Child
1989 February 12Kim Dong-hyeonDong-hyunBoyfriend
1994 November 25Kim Dong-hyeonJude Big Star
1998 September 17Kim Dong-hyeonKim Dong-hyunMXM
1992 February 11Kim Dong-jun Dong-junZE:A
1992 August 1Kim Dong-seongGohnexTopp Dogg
1979 November 21Kim Dong-wan Kim Dong-wanShinhwa
1996 February 1Kim Dong-young Doyoung NCT
1999 December 4Kim Do-yeon Do-yeonWeki Meki I.O.I
1986 August 4Kim Eun-young Jubi HiatusSunny Hill
1989 September 18Kim Ga-bin Ga-binBlady
1996 October 26Kim Ga-eun Gracie H.U.B
2001 November 13Kim Gang-minKang-minTRCNG
1996 June 11Kim Gang-sanKim Gang-sanVOISPER
1991 December 2Kim Ga-young Ga-youngexStellar
1992 February 28Kim Geon-ji Kim Gun-jiGavy NJ
1991 September 23Kim Gi-beomKey SHINee
1987 August 21Kim Gi-beomKi-bumexSuper Junior
1990 December 29Kim Gi-beomKi-bumexU-KISS
1997 April 15Kim Guk-heon Xiheon MYTEEN
1987 April 22Kim Gwang-suKwang-sooSupernova
1983 April 12Kim Gyeong-rokKim Kyung-rokV.O.S
1991 March 13Kim Gyong-jae / Ellison Kyongjae Kim Eli U-KISS
1987 February 24Kim Gyu-jong Kim Kyu-jongSS501
1999 October 9Kim Ha-eunHa-eunGood Day
1996 October 22Kim Han-bin B.I iKON
1992 April 26Kim Ha-neulHa-neulexBadkiz
1993 June 15Kim Han-sol Han-solexTopp Dogg
1983 July 10Kim Hee-cheol Hee-chulSuper Junior
1990 April 19Kim Him-chan Him-chanB.A.P
1996 December 21Kim Ho-seongLouVAV
1994 August 21Kim HunRayoonMVP
1996 September 19Kim Hwan Kim Hwan Honeyst
1995 December 22Kim Hye-mi Hyeme BP Rania
1990 August 10Kim Hye-mi Hye-miFiestar
1992 June 6Kim Hyeon-ahHyuna exWonder Girls, 4minute
1988 December 3Kim Hyeong-geonDowooA-JAX
1991 May 6Kim Hyeong-inKTop Secret, ex NOM
1987 August 3Kim Hyeong-jun Kim Hyung-junSS501
1990 December 22Kim Hyeong-suBrothersu-
1981 December 30Kim Hyeong-su K.Will -
1994 April 19Kim Hyeon-ilRayexC-Clown
1998 February 25Kim Hyeon-jeong Daye Berry Good
1994 December 24Kim Hyeon-jeong Seola Cosmic Girls/WJSN
1992 June 30Kim Hyeon-jiHyun-jiHash Tag
2000 November 15Kim Hyeon-jin Hyun-jinLOONA / LOOΠΔ
1998 September 5Kim Hyeon-jong Hyunkyung Romeo
1986 June 6Kim Hyeon-jungKim Hyun-joongSS501
2001 January 21Kim Hyeon-wooHyun-wooTRCNG
1993 January 19Kim Hye-rim Lime Hello Venus
1993 July 23Kim Hye-rinHye-rin2EYES
1991 January 11Kim Hyo-jeong Hyolyn exSistar
1994 April 22Kim Hyo-jinHyo-jinONF
1981 September 18Kim Hyo-jin JeA Brown Eyed Girls
1994 June 1Kim Hyo-jong E’dawn Pentagon
1989 September 22Kim Hyo-yeon Hyo-yeonGirls' Generation
1993 July 12Kim In-seong In-seongSF9
1979 August 7 Kim Jae-deokKim Jae-duckSechskies
1988 December 24Kim Jae-gyeongKim Jae-kyungexRainbow
1993 April 28Kim Jae-heeKim Jae-heeMIND U
1992 September 17Kim Jae-ho Jae-hoexHistory
1996 May 27Kim Jae-hwan Kim Jae-hwanWANNA ONE
1994 July 15Kim Jae-hyeon Jae-hyunN.Flying
1992 September 22Kim Jae-ohMillyBe.A, ex K-Much
1991 June 4Kim Jae-seopAJexU-KISS
1996 January 16Kim Je-ni Jennie BLACKPINK
1983 August 2Kim Jeong-ah Kim Jung-ahexAfter School
1995 November 22Kim Jeong-eonGyeoulexVAV
1999 February 10Kim Jeong-eun Kim Lip LOONA / LOOΠΔ
1992 April 6Kim Jeong-hwanYohanTop Secret, ex NOM
1972 January 25Kim Jeong-namKim Jung-namTurbo
1998 February 19Kim Jeong-wooJung-wooNCT
1990 May 9Kim Jeong-wooJung-wooexSPEED, Coed School
1993 March 20Kim Jeong-wook Jung-wook24K
1995 October 31Kim Ji-ae Yoo Ji-aeWassup
1999 February 3Kim Ji-beomJi-beomGolden Child
1995 August 10Kim Ji-haeJi-haeS.I.S
1997 April 4Kim Ji-ho Ji-hoOh My Girl
1990 February 22Kim Ji-hun26MASC
1995 February 20Kim Ji-hunJi-hoonKNK
2000 January 9Kim Ji-hunJi-hunTRCNG
1989 September 5Kim Jin-hee Jei Fiestar
1986 May 21Kim Jin-hoKim Jin-hoSG Wannabe
1998 January 2Kim Jin-hong Jin-hong24K, ex AA
1994 February 7Kim Jin-hwan JayiKON
1992 October 20Kim Jin-seok / Kim Woo-jin / Matthew Kim B.M KARD
1996 January 3Kim Jin-seopJin-subIN2IT
2000 October 20Kim Jin-wooChuuLOONA / LOOΠΔ
1991 September 26Kim Jin-woo JinuWINNER
1995 August 2Kim Jin-wook Jinhoo UP10TION
2000 December 21Kim Ji-seongJi-sungTRCNG
1995 January 3Kim Ji-suJi-sooBLACKPINK
1990 July 18Kim Ji-sukKim Ji-sookexRainbow
1997 January 7Kim Ji-wonGenieGood Day
1999 April 1Kim Ji-wonJi-wonGood Day
1995 December 21Kim Ji-won Bobby iKON
1998 December 14Kim Ji-woong Jinam INX
1988 February 23Kim Ji-yeob / Kevin Jiyeob Kim Kevin ZE:A
1995 August 19Kim Ji-yeon Bona Cosmic Girls/WJSN
1995 March 20Kim Ji-yeon Kei Lovelyz
1995 February 24Kim Ji-yuZi.U BP Rania
1992 September 21Kim Jong-dae Chen EXO
1976 April 25Kim Jong-gukKim Jong-kookTurbo
1995 June 8Kim Jong-hyeon JR NU’EST
1994 January 14Kim Jong-in Kai EXO
1984 August 24Kim Jong-woon Yesung Super Junior
1995 June 15Kim Ju-hyeon Buffy exMADTOWN
1994 December 8Kim Ju-mi Zuny Ladies’ Code
1995 October 26Kim Jun-hoeKidVarsity
1991 May 22Kim Jun-myeon SuhoEXO
1986 December 15Kim Jun-su XIA Junsu JYJ, ex TVXQ
2002 January 10Kim Jun-wookKim Jun-wookThe East Light
1989 March 10Kim Ju-yeonRikoexBP Rania
1991 March 9Kim Ju-youngJoo-young-
1995 May 1Kim Mi-hyeon Mimi Oh My Girl
1997 July 29Kim Min-gyeong Roa Pristin
1997 April 6Kim Min-gyu Min-gyuSeventeen
1996 August 20Kim Min-hak Milo Romeo
1996 December 24Kim Min-hwi Minsung Romeo
1994 May 17Kim Min-ji JiU Dreamcatcher, ex MINX
1995 November 26Kim Min-juSeoyeonFavorite
1988 January 15Kim Min-jun Jun.K 2PM
1999 August 12Kim Min-seokLaunONF
1990 March 26Kim Min-seok Xiumin EXO
1993 April 15Kim Min-su Min-suBoys Republic
1990 April 2Kim Min-young Ellin Crayon Pop
1990 September 12Kim Min-young Min-youngBrave Girls
1991 September 8Kim Mu-binLokiexK-Much
1993 January 25Kim Mun-gyu Timoteo HOTSHOT
1996 December 25Kim Mu-yiMu-iexGP Basic
1997 October 9Kim Myeong-jiMyeong-jiexTiny-G
1994 March 5Kim Myeong-jun MJ ASTRO
1992 March 13Kim Myeong-suL INFINITE
1995 December 9Kim Na-hyeon Na-hyunSonamoo
1995 April 15Kim Nam-juNam-jooApink
1994 September 12Kim Nam-jun RMBTS
1992 October 5Kim Na-ri Na-riWassup
1996 May 15Kim Na-yeonKim Na-yeonexBerry Good
1991 December 31Kim Na-youngKim Na-young-
1995 November 23Kim Na-young Na-youngGugudan
1998 July 31Kim Na-yun Na-yunMomoland
1992 February 15Kim Rae-hwan Rae-hwanBig Star
1983 June 26Kim Ra-na Kim Ra-naexNine Muses
1991 February 10 Kim Rok-hyeon Rok-hyun1
1987 June 21Kim Ryeo-wook Ryeo-wookinactiveSuper Junior
2002 January 17Kim Samuel Arredondo Kim Samuel -
1991 April 29Kim Sang-bae Moos MADTOWN
1995 May 23Kim Sang-gyeonKim Sang-gyunTopp Dogg, JBJ
1996 December 22Kim Sang-jin Chunjin MYTEEN
1992 July 7Kim Sang-min Sang-minCross Gene
1996 October 10Kim Sang-wonVaanSeven O'Clock
1995 October 17Kim Sang-yeopSionMVP
1996 August 28Kim Se-jeong Se-jeongGugudan, ex I.O.I
1992 December 4Kim Seok-jin Jin BTS
1996 August 7Kim Seok-woo Rowoon SF9
1995 January 3Kim Seol-hyeonSeol-hyunAOA
1996 March 16Kim Seong-hyeonSung-hyunIN2IT, ex Unit Black Boys28
1986 November 17Kim Seong-jaeSung-jeSupernova
1994 April 6Kim Seong-riKim Seong-riRAINZ
2000 April 12Kim Seon-wooSun-wooThe Boyz
1994 October 23Kim Seon-young Ari Tahiti
2000 September 22Kim Seung-minKim Seung-minStray Kids
2000 May 5Kim Seung-yeonAnneS.I.S
1993 May 15Kim Se-yeon Wow A.C.E
1991 November 20Kim Se-yong Se-yongMYNAME
1995 January 13Kim Se-youngSaebeomFavorite
1998 March 2Kim Si-hyeonKim Shi-hyunLungguo & Shihyun
1992 May 15Kim Si-hyeong Si-hyungexHistory
1999 December 31Kim So-hee Kim So-heeELRIS
1995 January 10Kim So-hee So-heeexI.B.I
1999 July 19Kim So-hye So-hyeexI.O.I
1995 December 7Kim So-jeong Sowon Gfriend
1995 December 8Kim Sol-binJ.BinexWanna.B
1990 July 21Kim So-riSo-riCocoSori, Real Girls Project
1994 September 4Kim Su-binKim Soo-binexBerry Good
2000 October 18Kim Su-gyeong Lua Weki Meki
1993 October 25Kim Su-hyeonSoo-hyunexSunny Days
1992 January 22Kim Sung-gu Sung-guexHigh4
1989 April 28Kim Sung-gyu Sung-kyuINFINITE
1994 February 16Kim Sung-juSung-jooUNIQ
1991 December 27Kim Su-rin Su-rinTwo X
1998 June 6Kim Tae-ha Tae-haMomoland
1989 June 18Kim Tae-heon Tae-hoonZE:A
1993 November 1Kim Tae-ho Tae-hoImfact
1992 June 21Kim Tae-hyeong J.seph KARD
1995 December 30Kim Tae-hyeong V BTS
1993 May 5Kim Tae-minSiwooexC-Clown
1981 May 12Kim Tae-wooKim Tae-woog.o.d
1991 August 2Kim Tae-yangJenissiexTopp Dogg
1989 March 9Kim Tae-yeon Tae-yeonGirl's Generation
1999 June 18Kim Tae-youngTae-youngSeven O'Clock
1994 April 28Kim Won-pil Won-pilDAY6
1993 February 15Kim Won-sik Ravi VIXX
1997 April 8Kim Woo-jinKim Woo-jinStray Kids
1996 August 12Kim Woo-ju Woo-jooWassup
1996 October 27Kim Woo-seok Wooshin UP10TION
1993 February 25Kim Woo-seongWoo-sungThe Rose
1996 October 14Kim Yeon-heeAmetexGP Basic
1996 March 18Kim Yeon-junYeon-junex2EYES
1999 March 5Kim Ye-rim Yeri Red Velvet
1992 May 10Kim Ye-seulKimRubber Soul
1998 August 19Kim Ye-won Umji Gfriend
1999 February 22Kim Ye-won Yehana Pristin
1990 June 14Kim Yi-seulLee-seulexStellar
1996 September 13Kim Yong-hyeonKim Yong-hyunexUnit Black Boys24
1984 September 12Kim Yong-junKim Yong-junSG Wannabe
1993 January 8Kim Yong-seok Yong-seokCross Gene
1991 February 21Kim Yong-seon Solar Mamamoo
1993 November 23Kim Young-bin Young-binSF9
1997 September 10Kim Young-hunYoung-hoonSeven O'Clock
1997 August 8Kim Young-hunYoung-hoonThe Boyz
1992 June 30Kim Young-jin Simba JJCC
1998 May 11Kim Young-kyeon Hwiyoung SF9
1988 June 19Kim Young-sinMoonMoon-
1985 January 17Kim Young-woon Kangin inactiveSuper Junior
1988 October 4Kim Yu-bin Yu-binexWonder Girls
1992 April 9Kim Yu-gwon U Kwon Block B
1997 November 17Kim Yu-gyeom Yu-gyeomGOT7
1991 July 29Kim Yu-hwanYu-hwanexSPEED
1996 July 25Kim Yu-hyeonLeahexGP Basic
1997 January 7Kim Yu-hyeonYu-hyunDreamcatcher, ex MINX
1992 February 14Kim Yu-jeong Yu-jeongLaboum
1988 April 9Kim Yu-jin UEE exAfter School
1993 February 10Kim Yu-jin You-jinKNK
1997 November 27Kim Yul-hee Yul-heeexLaboum
1994 April 22Kim Yu-min Yu-minBP Rania
1994 October 27Kim Yu-naEuna KimexThe Ark
1988 September 6Kim Yun-ji / Christine Kim NS Yoon-G-
2001 February 21Ko Ah-raAh-raFavorite
1994 October 20Ko Ho-jeong Ho-jungHOTSHOT
1980 September 5Ko Jeong-giJunggigo-
2000 March 11Ko Jeong-heeJung-heeFavorite
1980 July 1Ko Ji-youngKo Ji-youngexSechskies
1996 May 19Ko Min-suKogyeol UP10TION
1995 December 11Ko Shin-won Shin-wonPentagon
1988 February 22Ko Woo-ri Go Na-eunexRainbow
1994 November 17Ko Young-heunYoung-heunStellar
1993 August 14Kong Chan-sik Gongchan B1A4
1994 January 18Kong Min-ji Minzy ex2NE1
2001 May 11Kong Yu-jin Gongyoo BONUSBaby
1995 May 10Ku Bon-guk Bon-kukINX
1991 January 13Ku Ha-ra Goo Ha-raexKARA
1997 March 31Ku Jun-hoe Ju-neiKON
1994 November 15Kuk Min-pyoMin-pyoB.I.G
1994 May 2Kwak Hee-oh Hee-oh4TEN
1990 October 12Kwak Min-juMin-juTwo X
1993 May 21Kwak Young-min / Aaron Youngmin KwakAron NU’EST
1999 October 28Kwon Ae-jiAejiHash Tag
1986 November 5Kwon Bo-ahBoA -
1999 May 26Kwon Chae-won Eunchae DIA
1991 May 30Kwon Do-yeon Do-yeonMR.MR
2000 January 6Kwon Eun-bin Eun-binCLC
1992 August 12Kwon Gwang-jin Kwang-jinN.Flying
1994 January 14Kwon Ha-seoKwon Ha-seoReal Girls Project
1997 March 4Kwon Hyeon-binKwon Hyun-binJBJ
1988 August 18Kwon Ji-yong G-DragonBigbang
1993 September 21Kwon Min-ahMin-aAOA
1992 January 12Kwon Na-hyeonNa-hyunexBlady
1991 March 13Kwon Na-ra Na-raHello Venus
1994 August 30Kwon So-hyeon Kwon So-hyunex4minute
1996 June 15Kwon Sun-young Hoshi Seventeen
1996 December 18Kwon Yong-hyeonYong-hyunTop Secret
1989 December 5Kwon Yu-ri Yu-riGirls' Generation
2001 September 23Lai Kuanlin Lai Kuanlin WANNA ONE
1989 October 11Lau Henry Henry Super Junior-M
1996 August 27Lee Ah-hyeongA-hyoungP.O.P
1999 September 27Lee Ah-in Ah-inMomoland
1994 April 19Lee Ah-reumAh-reumexT-ara
1993 November 23Lee Byeong-heon L.Joe exTeen Top
1991 February 26Lee Chae-rin CL ex2NE1
2000 May 14Lee Chae-youngLee Chae-youngFromis_9
1999 February 11Lee Chan Dino Seventeen
1992 July 20Lee Chan-dong Chan-dongVROMANCE
1996 August 24Lee Chang-hyeon Bitto UP10TION
1991 November 29Lee Chang-jae Chang-jaeMR.MR
1986 May 1Lee Chang-minLee Chang-min2AM, HOMME
1996 March 17Lee Chang-seon Chang-sun24K
1988 February 7Lee Chang-seon Lee Joon exMBLAQ
1991 February 26Lee Chang-seopChang-subBTOB
1994 December 24Lee Chang-yunE-tionONF
1993 October 5Lee Chan-hee Chunji Teen Top
1997 September 12Lee Chan-hyeokLee Chan-hyukAKMU
1991 March 25Lee CocoCocoCocoSori, ex Blady
1996 August 1Lee Da-bin Yeonwoo Momoland
2001 January 29Lee Dae-hwi Lee Dae-hwiWANNA ONE
1993 February 11Lee Dae-yeolDae-yeolGolden Child
1992 December 21Lee Da-somDa-somexTahiti
1993 November 13Lee Da-somDa-som2EYES
1986 October 15Lee Dong-hae Dong-haeSuper Junior
1993 February 28Lee Dong-hun Dong-hunA.C.E
2000 June 6Lee Dong-hyeok Haechan NCT
1997 March 30Lee Dong-min Cha Eun-wooASTRO
1998 December 13Lee Dong-yeol Xiao UP10TION
1990 February 15Lee Eui-jinEui-jinBigflo
2001 April 5Lee Eui-woongLee Eui-woongHyeongseop X Euiwoong
1994 September 23Lee Eun-juEunsomWanna.B, ex Badkiz
2000 September 7Lee Eun-seongLee Eun-sungThe East Light
2000 September 15Lee FelixFelixStray Kids
1994 August 20Lee Ga-eun Ka-eunAfter School
1999 February 3Lee Ga-hyun Ga-hyunDreamcathcer
1994 October 3Lee Geon-minGun-minB.I.G
1989 January 30Lee Geon-woo Geon-wooMYNAME
1991 December 22Lee Geum-hyeokSt. VanVAV
1992 December 17Lee Geum-jo Keum-joNine Muses
1990 March 30Lee Gi-gwang Gi-kwangHIGHLIGHT, ex BEAST
1991 January 17Lee Gi-seop Ki-seopU-KISS
1996 June 27Lee Gi-wonLee Ki-wonRAINZ
2000 January 24Lee Gi-wookCyaMAS
1990 January 20Lee Gwang-haengKwang-haengexSPEED, Coed School
1998 August 3Lee Gyeong-haKyunghaTop Secret
1992 May 4Lee Gyeong-tak Lee Geon MADTOWN
1995 JanuaryLee Gyu-heeGyu-heeexSunny Days
1994 July 4Lee Hae-in Hae-inexI.B.I
1985 February 14Lee Hae-riLee Hae-riDavichi
1997 September 23Lee Ha-jeongLee Ha-jeongex4TEN
1994 July 26Lee Ha-junHa-joonThe Rose
2000 September 20Lee Hak-minHak-minTRCNG
1996 February 1Lee Ha-naHanaexBadkiz
1996 September 23Lee Ha-yi Lee Hi -
1993 August 3Lee Ha-young Ha-youngPlayback
1994 August 29Lee Ha-yun Ha-yoonBrave Girls
2001 October 14Lee Ho-hyeonHo-hyeonTRCNG
1993 September 29Lee Hong-bin Hong-binVIXX
1990 March 2Lee Hong-giLee Hong-kiFT Island
1991 March 28Lee Ho-won Hoya exINFINITE
1991 August 16Lee Hun-min Hoon U-KISS
1998 May 6Lee Hwan-hee Hwan-heeUP10TION
1993 August 28Lee Hwi-taek Hui Pentagon
1991 April 24Lee Hyang-seokHyang-suk2EYES
1985 June 26Lee Hye-binBiniexNine Muses
1996 January 12Lee Hye-bin Hye-binMomoland
1988 May 3Lee Hye-minEuaerin exNine Muses
1986 April 4Lee Hyeok-jae Eunhyuk Super Junior
1983 November 8Lee HyeonLee HyunHomme
1988 March 15Lee Hyeon-jin JinexMR.MR
1998 February 5Lee Hyeon-juLee Hyun-jooexApril
1987 May 5Lee Hyeon-juLee SemexNine Muses
1994 May 26Lee Hyeon-seok Hyun-seokVROMANCE
1994 June 9Lee Hye-ri Hye-riGirl’s Day
1993 March 16Lee Hyo-eun Hyo-eunStellar
1995 August 14Lee In-pyoIn-pyoIN2IT
1992 April 6Lee Jae-hwan Ken VIXX
1997 September 13Lee Jae-hyeonHyunjaeThe Boyz
1994 November 3Lee Jae-hyoungJae-hyeongThe Rose
1991 December 17Lee Jae-jinLee Jae-jinFT Island
1979 July 13Lee Jae-jinLee Jae-jinSechskies
1997 September 25Lee Jae-junMaruexC-Clown
1994 August 9Lee Jae-yun Jae-yoonSF9
1997 March 3Lee Jang-junJang-junGolden Child
2000 April 23Lee Je-no Je-noNCT
1996 October 18Lee Jeong-hunJung-hoonTop Secret
1992 March 20Lee Jeong-hwan Sandeul B1A4
1994 January 2Lee Jeong-min Jeong-minBoyfriend
1991 September 15Lee Jeong-shinLee Jung-shinCNBLUE
1993 November 8Lee Ji-an Ji-anImfact
1993 May 16Lee Ji-eun IU -
1996 November 22Lee Ji-hun Woozi Seventeen
1986 December 12Lee Ji-hyeon Qri exT-ara
1992 March 13Lee Ji-inJi-inexGirl’s Day
1989 December 14Lee Jin-ki Onew SHINee
2001 December 4Lee Jin-sol Jinsol April
1999 January 10Lee Jin-suk Yeoreum Cosmic Girls/WJSN
1994 March 23Lee Ji-wonLee Ji-wonReal Girls Project
1984 February 18Lee Ji-yeon Lina CSJH The Grace
1994 March 25Lee Jong-heeIreahMASC
1994 February 15Lee Jong-hwa Jota MADTOWN
1990 May 15Lee Jong-hyeonLee Jong-hyunCNBLUE
1995 June 7Lee Ju-eunJoo-eunDIA
1994 October 6Lee Ju-heon Joo-heonMonsta X
1990 January 25Lee Jun-ho Jun-ho2PM
1995 March 1Lee Jun-yong Jun-youngINX
1997 January 22Lee Jun-young Jun U-KISS
1999 August 18Lee Ju-won Joo-eMomoland
1998 January 15Lee Ju-yeonJu-yeonThe Boyz
1987 March 19Lee Ju-yeon Lee Ju-yeonexAfter School
1994 September 23Lee Mi-juLee Mi-jooLovelyz
1998 October 25Lee Min-hoLee Min-hoStray Kids
1990 December 14Lee Min-hyeok B-bombBlock B
1990 November 29Lee Min-hyeok Min-hyukBTOB
1993 November 3Lee Min-hyeok Min-hyukMonsta X
1999 August 2Lee Min-hyeong / Mark Lee Mark NCT
1995 January 21Lee Min-jiRoeunWanna.B
1979 July 28Lee Min-wooLee Min-wooShinhwa
1995 December 20Lee Min-wooT.K.exC-Clown
1978 December 15Lee Min-young Lee MinexAs One
1991 June 21Lee Min-young Min exMiss A
1986 April 13Lee Mi-seong Mi-sunghiatusSunny Hill
1999 May 5Lee Na-eun Na-eunApril
2000 June 1Lee Na-gyeongLee Na-gyungFromis_9
1997 March 6Lee Ru-da Lu-daCosmic Girls/WJSN
1997 January 7Lee Sae-romLee Sae-romFromis_9
1995 October 17Lee Sang Sang Imfact
1995 April 6Lee Sang-ho Sang-hoINX
1993 December 23Lee Sang-hunLee Sang-hoonex1
1995 July 24Lee Sang-hyeok Dawon SF9
1996 November 4Lee Sang-yeonSang-yeonThe Boyz
2001 July 2Lee Se-binSe-binS.I.S
2000 January 7Lee Seo-jeong Sei Weki Meki
2000 January 11Lee Seok-cheolLee Seok-cheolThe East Light
1984 February 21Lee Seok-hunLee Seok-hunSG Wannabe
1997 February 18Lee Seok-min DK Seventeen
1993 September 3Lee Seong-jong Sung-jongINFINITE
1996 June 8Lee Seong-jun Wei UP10TION
1987 January 1Lee Seong-min Sung-mininactiveSuper Junior
1991 August 27Lee Seong-yeol Sung-yeolINFINITE
1986 October 10Lee Seon-gyeong Sun-kyungexSunny Days
1989 May 15Lee Seon-gyu / Susan Lee Sunny Girl's Generation
1981 January 21Lee Seon-ho Andy Lee Shinhwa
1992 May 2Lee Seon-mi Sun-miexWonder Girls
2000 January 22Lee Seo-yeonLee Seo-yeonFromis_9
1994 June 27Lee Seo-young Seo-youngHello Venus
1987 May 11Lee Seul-ongLee Seul-ong2AM
1987 March 29Lee Seung-ah Seung-ahHiatusSunny Hill
1992 January 11Lee Seung-hun HoonyWINNER
1994 December 10Lee Seung-hwan Seung-hwanRomeo
2001 December 31Lee Seung-hyeonLee Seung-hyunThe East Light
1992 October 31Lee Seung-hyeop Seung-hyubN.Flying
1990 December 12Lee Seung-hyun Seungri Bigbang
1995 January 23Lee Seung-junJ-UsONF
1996 February 2Lee Seung-minSeung-minHash Tag
1994 March 29Lee Seung-minXehanexVAV
2000 April 13Lee Seung-ri / Nancy Jewel McDonie Nancy Momoland
1994 October 23Lee Seung-yeopSeung-yeopA-JAX
1996 January 22Lee Se-woon Lee Taevin MYTEEN
1990 February 8Lee Se-young Se-youngCross Gene
1995 October 1Lee Si-yeon Si-yeonDreamcatcher, ex MINX
1993 September 3Lee So-jeong So-jungLadies’ Code
1995 September 14Lee So-yul Jenny DIA
1999 May 4Lee Su-hyeonLee Su-hyunAKMU
1996 September 5Lee Su-hyeonSu-hyunexI.B.I
1992 July 6Lee Su-jeong Baby Soul Lovelyz
1998 March 20Lee Su-jiSu-jiReal Girls Project, ex The Ark
1989 March 3Lee Su-miLee Soo-miexF-ve Dolls, Coed School
1995 January 20Lee Su-woong Su-woongBoys Republic
1993 September 24Lee Tae-eunT-aeexBP Rania
1990 September 24Lee Tae-il Tae-ilBlock B
1993 July 18Lee Tae-min Tae-minSHINee
1995 July 1Lee Tae-yong Tae-yongNCT
2003 April 3Lee Woo-jinLee Woo-jinThe East Light
1996 January 23Lee Ye-eunLee Ye-eunReal Girls Project
1994 August 26Lee Ye-ji Yezi Fiestar
1989 May 30Lee Ye-jin Ailee -
1992 April 4Lee Ye-jin Yena Playback
1993 September 26Lee Yeon-jiYeunjiexBadkiz
1990 October 8Lee Young-jun Baram hiatusBig Star
1997 March 7Lee Yu-bin Dami Dreamcatcher, ex MINX
1999 November 5Lee Yu-gyeong Yu-kyungELRIS
1999 February 12Lee Yu-na Keina H.U.B
1993 April 6Lee Yu-na Yu-naBrave Girls
1992 December 14Lee Yun-joYoon-joexHello Venus
1995 January 23Lee Yu-young Yoo-youngHello Venus
1996 February 27Leechaiyapornkul, Ten Chittapon Ten NCT
1994 July 22Lǐ Wènhàn Li Wenhan UNIQ
1996 October 23Liú Xiēníng Sally Gugudan
1992 September 18Liu, Amber Josephine Amber f(x)
1998 December 3Lo, AnthonyAnthonyVarsity
1990 April 20Lù Hán Lu Han exEXO
1997 May 23Ma Eun-jinMa Eun-jinPlayback
1997 January 15Ma Jae-gyeong Kyle Romeo
1993 February 15Maeng Yun-youngYun-youngA-JAX
1997 March 27Manoban, Pranpriya / Lalisa Lisa BLACKPINK
2001 December 26Massie, KylaKyla Pristin
1989 February 3Mèng Jiā Meng Jia exMiss A
1998 October 15Mèng Měiqí Meiqi Cosmic Girls/WJSN
1996 December 17Min Chung-kiMin Choong-kiVOISPER
1994 September 25Min Do-hee Min Do-heeexTiny-G
1997 January 1Min Ji-hyeSeolP.O.P
2002 January 5Min Ka-rin Ka-rinELRIS
1989 August 12Min Seon-yeMin Sun-yeexWonder Girls
1993 March 9Min Yun-gi Suga BTS
1996 December 29Minatozaki Sana Sana TWICE
1999 March 16Mizuguchi YutoUONF
1998 January 26Moon Bin Moon Bin ASTRO
1992 December 22Moon Byeol-yi Moonbyul Mamamoo
1998 July 14Moon Chae-solChae-solGood Day
1987 January 19Moon Hyeon-ahMoon Hyun-aexNine Muses
1998 February 23Moon Hyeong-seoKevinThe Boyz
1979 February 16Moon Jeong-hyeok Eric MunShinhwa
1991 April 29Moon Ji-huMoon Ji-huexA-JAX
1995 February 6Moon Jong-eop Jong-upB.A.P
1989 February 9Moon Jun-young Joon-youngZE:A
1994 June 14Moon Tae-il Tae-ilNCT
1998 December 28Moon Yu-jeong Gowoon Berry Good
1997 March 24Myoui Sharon Mina Mina TWICE
1991 February 11Na Do-gyun Do-kyunexHistory
1994 November 11Na Hae-ryeong Hae-ryungBESTie, ex EXID
2000 August 13Na Jae-min Jae-minNCT
1993 November 10Na Mi-ri K.Me Badkiz
1998 May 28Na Woong-Jae Ung-jaeImfact
1993 August 29Na Yu-min Yoo-minMelody Day
1995 October 26Nakamoto Yuta Yuta NCT
1997 April 16Nam Da-won Da-wonCosmic Girls/WJSN
1990 January 9Nam Ji-hyeon Son Ji-hyunex4minute
1994 May 10Nam Tae-hyeon Nam Tae-hyunexWINNER
1991 February 8Nam Woo-hyeon Woo-hyunINFINITE
1991 May 2Nam Yu-jeong Yu-jeongBrave Girls
1990 July 27Nattanita WichaJoyexBP Rania
1988 December 27Ock Taec-yeon Taec-yeon2PM
1994 December 11Oh Gi-taekGi-taekMVP
1994 December 11Oh Gi-taekRyuexMR.MR
1992 February 26Oh Gwang-seok Feel Dog Big Star
1996 July 19Oh Ha-young Ha-youngApink
1996 May 8Oh Hee-jun Hee-junKNK
1989 May 7Oh Hye-rin Raina After School
1995 January 5Oh Jin-seokOh Jin-seokexUnit Black Boys24
1990 July 7Oh Jong-seok / Edward Young Oh Eddy JJCC
1995 April 27Oh Sang-hyeon Sang-hyunMR.MR
1994 April 12Oh Se-hun Se-hunEXO
1992 March 4Oh Seong-jongTaehaexSPEED
1988 September 13Oh Seung-ahOh Seung-ahexRainbow
1995 October 10Oh Seung-hee Seung-heeCLC
1990 December 21Oh Seung-minSungminBigflo
1994 May 14Oh Seung-riKI-OexSPEED
1995 June 26Oh Seung-seok Oh Seung-seokHoneyst
1998 September 30Oh Su-binSu-binHash Tag
1990 March 26Oh Won-binOh Won-binexFT Island
1994 August 25Oh Yeon-kyeongHan SeoinexThe Seeya, F-ve Dolls
1995 August 25Ong Seung-woo Ong Seung-wooWANNA ONE
1984 March 24Park Bom Park Bom ex2NE1
1989 May 11Park Byeong-hoPark Byung-hoex24K
2000 November 19Park Chae-wonGo Won (unconfirmed)LOONA / LOOΠΔ
1997 February 11Park Chae-young / Roséanne Park Rosé BLACKPINK
1992 November 27Park Chan-yeol Chan-yeolEXO
1990 March 6Park Cho-ahCho-aexAOA
1991 March 3Park Cho-rong Cho-rongApink
1980 August 19Park Chung-jae Jun Jin Shinhwa
1992 March 17Park Dae-won Dae-wonMADTOWN
1992 March 27Park Do-haPark Do-haexUnit Black Boys24
1993 April 20Park Do-junDo-joonThe Rose
1988 September 27Park Eun-jiEun-jiexNine Muses
1987 October 15Park Eun-youngEun-youngexBrave Girls
1999 March 8Park Ga-eulGa-eulFavorite
1987 November 5Park Geon-ilGeon-ilSupernova
1990 November 15Park Geul-raLalaexRubber Soul
1986 January 10Park Geun-yi Aoora exAA
1991 August 14Park Gi-ru Gi-ruBlady
1992 July 8Park Gyeong Park Kyung Block B
1990 July 5Park Gyeong-riGyeongree Nine Muses
1988 May 21Park Gyu-ri Park Gyu-riexKARA
1997 June 16Park Hee-junZiuVAV
1991 May 15Park Hye-gyeong Soyul exCrayon Pop
1996 November 21Park Hye-jin Hye-jin4TEN
1991 November 16Park Hyeong-sik Hyung-sikZE:A
1991 February 11Park Hyeon-gyu Hyun-kyuVROMANCE
1992 May 1Park Hyeon-hoSeogoongexTopp Dogg
1981 December 28Park Hyo-jin Narsha Brown Eyed Girls
1987 April 25Park Jae-beom Jay Park ex2PM
1992 September 15Park Jae-hyeong Jae DAY6
1995 November 20Park Jae-seokJae-seokexGolden Child
1989 June 6Park Jang-hyeon Jang-hyunVROMANCE
1993 March 27Park Je-eop Je-upImfact
1995 May 8Park Jeong-hwa Jeong-hwaEXID
2000 November 14Park Jeong-hyeon Xiyeon Pristin
1987 April 3Park Jeong-min Park Jung-minSS501
1983 July 1Park Jeong-su Leeteuk Super Junior
1999 May 29Park Ji-hun Park Ji-hoonWANNA ONE
1986 July 21Park Ji-hyeZia-
1997 February 1Park Ji-hyo Ji-hyoTWICE
1995 October 13Park Ji-min Ji-minBTS
1997 July 5Park Ji-min Park Ji-min15&
1990 April 28Park Jin-ju Park Jin-juexWassup
1996 March 15Park Jin-woo Jin Jin ASTRO
1994 September 22Park Jin-young Jin-youngGOT7
2002 February 5Park Ji-seong Ji-sungNCT
1998 March 20Park Ji-wonPark Ji-wonFromis_9
1993 June 7Park Ji-yeon Ji-yeonexT-ara
1980 December 25Park Ji-young Kahi exAfter School
1991 December 14Park Ju-hyeokKanghoexCoed School
1994 June 2Park Jun-hee Jun A.C.E
1969 July 20Park Jun-hyeong Joon Parkg.o.d
1995 November 11Park Min-gyunMKONF
1991 June 27Park Min-ha Park Min-haexNine Muses
1999 February 25Park Min-hyeok Rocky ASTRO
2001 January 8Park Min-jun Hanseul MYTEEN
1991 April 4Park Mi-so Mi-soTahiti
1990 September 16Park Mi-yeon Serri exDal Shabet
1996 June 12Park Myeong-eun JIN Lovelyz
1988 February 23Park Na-raePark Na-raeexSPICA
1982 October 8Park Pil-doMisty/HyenaexGavy NJ
1984 November 12Park Sandara Park Sandara ex2NE1
1990 October 7Park Sang-hyeonPark Sang-hyunexMBLAQ
1991 October 18Park Se-hyeok P-GoonexTopp Dogg
1993 December 10Park Se-junSe-junexSPEED
1988 February 9Park Seo-ahSeo-aexBrave Girls
1993 June 28Park Seong-hyeonAto Be.A, ex K-Much
1997 August 26Park Seong-hyeonHyunSeven O'Clock
1993 January 16Park Seong-jin Sung-jinDAY6
1992 December 17Park Seong-jun Sung-junBoys Republic
1992 December 20Park Seon-youngSun-yeongexBlady
1989 May 30Park Seon-young Hyomin exT-ara
1993 August 12Park Seon-young Luna f(x)
1993 October 28Park Seung-jun Seung-junKNK
1993 May 31Park Seung-minPark Seung-minexA-JAX
1986 November 29Park Si-hyeonPark Si-hyunexSPICA
1996 April 6Park So-heeZionexGP Basic
1986 May 21Park So-jin So-jinGirl’s Day
1987 October 5Park So-yeon So-yeonexT-ara
1996 September 14Park Su-bin Soo-binCosmic Girls/WJSN
1994 February 12Park Su-bin Su-binexDal Shabet
1996 December 25Park Su-bin Yuem H.U.B
1994 September 1Park Su-bin / Christine Joy Park Tina Blady
1996 March 24Park Su-young Chahee Melody Day
1996 September 3Park Su-young Joy Red Velvet
1992 July 31Park Su-young Lizzy After School
1999 November 2Park Woo-jin Park Woo-jinWANNA ONE
1998 January 24Park Woo-youngBomBBe.A
1989 May 26Park Ye-eun Ye-eunexWonder Girls
1978 July 28Park Yong-gyu Park Ji-heonV.O.S
1995 February 6Park Young-binBeenMVP
1994 December 26Park Young-gyuP.K.MVP
1995 February 6Park Young-jinJinMVP
1986 June 4Park Yu-cheonPark Yoo-chunJYJ, ex TVXQ
1994 June 23Peonpaweevorakul, Goonshipas Mint Real Girls Project, ex Tiny-G
1991 April 3Pyo Hye-mi Hye-miNine Muses
1993 February 2Pyo Ji-hun P.O Block B
1992 April 7Pyun Gang-yunKang-yoonexBlady
1996 January 1Qian KunKunNCT
1996 July 2Qiū Báo HànDamonVarsity
1989 August 11Rebecca KimBekahexAfter School
1992 March 5Reid, Alexandra Alex exBP Rania
1992 April 17Roh Dae-hwan Zica JJCC
1989 May 10Roh Eul No Eul exRainbow
1999 September 5Roh Gang-min Kang-minRomeo
1993 April 9Roh Hye-ran Hye-ranhiatusBrave Girls
2002 August 31Roh Hyo-jeong Lucy Weki Meki
1990 July 12Roh Ji-hunRoh Ji-hoon-
1998 November 23Roh Ji-seonRoh Ji-sunFromis_9
1995 July 31Roh Min-woo Min-wooBoyfriend
1988 January 13Roh Si-hyeonNoh Si-hyunexGavy NJ
1995 November 11Roh Su-il Kuhn UP10TION
1993 October 15Roh Tae-hyunTae-hyunHOTSHOT, JBJ
1992 August 16Roh Yi-young E Young After School
1996 May 1Roh Yun-hoAynoVAV
1993 April 22Ryu Hwa-young Ryu Hwa-youngexT-ara
1993 April 22Ryu Hyo-youngRyu Hyo-youngexF-ve Dolls, Coed School
1987 May 3Ryu Se-ra Ryu Se-raexNine Muses
1997 November 19Ryu Su-jeong Ryu Su-jeongLovelyz
1996 November 18Sajakul, Chonnasorn Sorn CLC
1999 November 8Seo Chang-binSeo Chang-binStray Kids
1996 April 9Seo Dong-seong Seo Dong-sungHoneyst
1990 November 22Seo Eun-gwang Eun-kwangBTOB
1995 March 21Seo Eun-gyoSeo Eun-kyoexF-ve Dolls
1993 August 23Seo Hye-rin Hye-linEXID
1990 April 2Seo Jae-hyeongSeo Jae-hyungexA-JAX
??Seo Ji-suJi-soo4TEN
1994 February 11Seo Ji-suSeo Ji-sooLovelyz
1991 June 28Seo Ju-hyeon Seohyun Girls' Generation
1985 February 10Seo Min-woo Min-woo1
1995 September 27Seo Sang-won Yano Topp Dogg
1999 August 26Seo Seong-hyeokSeo Seong-hyukRAINZ
1993 March 15Seo Yu-gyeongSeo Yoo-kyungexAOA
1992 October 27Seo Yu-jinSeo Yoo-jinexThe Seeya
1994 June 18Seo Yu-jin Soyun Playback
1992 December 30Seo Yu-naYu-naAOA
1997 November 26Seo Yu-ri Seoyul Berry Good
1994 January 3Seon Su-jinSoo-jinexBlady
1988 February 18Shim Chang-min MAX Changmin TVXQ
1993 June 9Shim Hyeon-seong Hyun-seongBoyfriend
1995 January 23Shim Jae-yeongWyattONF
1993 March 1Shim Sang-il Sang-ilSnuper
1993 April 30Shin Bo-ra Hana Gugudan
1993 March 10Shin Dong-geun / Peniel D. Shin Peniel BTOB
1985 September 28Shin Dong-hee Shindong Super Junior
1994 June 29Shin Dong-hoDong-hoexU-KISS
1991 June 16Shin Dong-woo CNU B1A4
1998 January 8Shin Hong-seop Hong-seob24K
1993 March 1Shin Ho-seok Wonho Monsta X
1993 August 10Shin Hye-jeongHye-jeongAOA
1995 January 22Shin Hye-jin JinE exOh My Girl
1995 November 29Shin Jae-min Jae-minMR.MR
1994 February 3Shin Ji-ho Xero Topp Dogg
1991 January 8Shin Ji-minJi-minAOA
1994 February 28Shin Ji-suJi-sooexTahiti
1996 April 14Shin Ji-won Johyun Berry Good
1993 September 8Shin Jong-gukJong-kookexSPEED
1998 February 4Shin Jun-seopKim Ju-mi MYTEEN
1991 August 13Shin Min-jae Min-jaeTahiti
1994 November 20Shin Min-jeongJ-minexTiny-G
1989 March 11Shin Su-hyeon Soo-hyunU-KISS
1991 October 23Shin Won-ho Shin Cross Gene
1993 December 25Shin Ye-eunYe-eunexTahiti
1993 April 24Shin Yun-cheol Nakta exTopp Dogg
1999 April 23Son Chae-young Chae-youngTWICE
1999 January 10Son Dong-myeongDong-myeongMAS
1991 June 6Son Dong-woon Dong-woonHIGHLIGHT, ex BEAST
1987 September 20Son Ga-in Ga-inBrown Eyed Girls
1980 March 26Son Ho-youngSon Ho-youngg.o.d
1992 June 18Son Hyeon-woo Shownu Monsta X
1998 May 27Son Ju-yeon Eunseo Cosmic Girls/WJSN
1994 February 10Son Na-eun Na-eunApink
1989 July 8Son Seung-ah Son Seung-ahhiatusNine Muses
1994 February 21Son Seung-wan Wendy Red Velvet
2000 December 22Son Young-jaeEricThe Boyz
1998 April 13Son Young-taekTagGolden Child
1993 June 12Song Da-hye Da-hyeexBESTie
1994 June 26Song Geon-hee#GUN-
1987 November 28Song Gyeong-il Kyung-ilexHistory
1996 July 17Song Han-gyeomA-daySeven O'Clock
1997 September 29Song Ha-youngSong Ha-youngFromis_9
1995 August 19Song Hee-jinHee-jinGood Day
1987 July 13Song Heon-yongJihyukSupernova
1995 June 18Song Jae-ho H.O MADTOWN
1990 June 25Song Ji-eunDain exWassup
1990 May 5Song Ji-eun Ji-eunSecret
1990 March 21Song Ju-hee Alice Hello Venus
1987 January 5Song Min-gyeongSong Min-kyungexThe Seeya
1993 March 30Song Min-ho Mino WINNER
1998 July 8Song Mun-bongMoon-bongMASC
1987 February 2Sòng Qiàn Victoria f(x)
1992 August 21Song Seung-hyeonSong Seung-hyunFT Island
1997 June 26Song Yeon-jiYeonjooP.O.P
1998 April 28Song Yu-bin Song Yuvin MYTEEN
1995 February 8Song Yun-hyeong SongiKON
1996 November 6Sun Ye-in Sunyoul UP10TION
1997 December 20Sung Ji-yeon Jane Momoland
1994 December 18Sung Min-jae Min-jaeSonamoo
2000 August 28Sung Na-yeonRachelApril
1995 January 10Takada KentaKentaJBJ
1992 March 18Terada Takuya Takuya Cross Gene
1993 February 16Teramoto YukikaYukikaReal Girls Project
1993 September 4Tuan, Mark Yi-En Mark GOT7
1994 December 12Voo IsaacIsaacIN2IT
1987 April 27Wáng Fēifēi Fei exMiss A
1994 March 28Wáng Jiāěr/Wang Jackson Jackson GOT7
1996 November 10Wáng XīnyûXinVarsity
1997 August 5Wáng Yībó Wang Yibo UNIQ
1994 October 8Watanabe Rui Rui H.U.B
1996 June 10Wén Jùnhuī Jun Seventeen
1991 February 5Won Min-ji Anda -
1996 December 9Wong Ka HeiVivi LOONA / LOOΠΔ
1999 January 25Wong Yuk heiLucasNCT
1994 June 5Woo Ah-miA-miWanna.B
1993 October 7Woo Chang-beomWoo Chang-bumex1
1992 September 14Woo Ji-ho Zico Block B
1989 May 14Woo Ji-hyeJi-hyeexGirl’s Day
1990 May 11Woo Ji-seokTaewoonexSPEED, Coed School
1996 January 6Woo Ji-yunWoo Ji-yoonBolppalgan4
1990 June 1Woo Sang-suWoosang exAA
1991 November 25Woo Sung-hyun / Christopher Thomas Woo Kevin exU-KISS
1989 September 5Woo Young-suWoosoo MASC
1992 September 1Woo Hye-rim Hye-limexWonder Girls
1995 January 26Wú Xuānyí Xuanyi Cosmic Girls/WJSN
1990 November 6Wú Yìfán Kris exEXO
2001 November 17Xiào DōngchéngMannyVarsity
1997 November 17Xú Mínghào The8 Seventeen
1996 October 25Yán ān Yan An Pentagon
1990 February 27 Yang Hong-gyuHong-gyuBe.A, ex K-Much
1994 April 17Yang Hong-seok Hong-seokPentagon
1995 July 18Yang Hui Hui ex24K
1999 October 15Yang Hye-seon Hyeseong ELRIS
2001 February 8Yang Jeong-inYang Jeong-inStray Kids
1991 July 30Yang Jeong-yunYang Jiyul exDal Shabet
1988 April 5Yang Ji-wonYang Ji-wonexSPICA
1987 October 16Yang Seung-ho Seung-hoMBLAQ
1995 March 24Yang Su-ahSu-aHash Tag
2000 May 22Yang Ye-na Ye-naApril
1990 January 5Yang Yo-seop Yo-seobHIGHLIGHT, ex BEAST
1996 March 27Yeo Chang-gu Yeo One Pentagon
1990 February 1Yeom Bun-hongBun-hongexBlady
1995 May 19Yeom Hae-in Hae-inLaboum
2000 May 19Yeon JinYeonhaP.O.P
1989 December 19Yong Jun-hyeong Jun-hyungHIGHLIGHT, ex BEAST
1992 September 26Yoo Ah-raYoo A-raexHello Venus
1990 September 6Yoo Ba-romRomeexC-Clown
1995 February 27Yoo Chang-hyeon Ricky Teen Top
1996 April 22Yoo Hee-doHee-doB.I.G
1994 February 22Yoo Hee-jaeHee-jaeMASC
1995 February 28Yoo Hwe-seung Yoo Hwe-seungN.Flying
1999 January 22Yoo Jeong-ahn Daisy Momoland
1996 November 1Yoo Jeong-yeon Jeong-yeonTWICE
1993 May 21Yoo Ji-ae Yoo Ji-aeLovelyz
1992 December 6Yoo Ji-naJi-naexBadkiz
1995 October 6Yoo Ju Taeha Berry Good
1989 August 20Yoo Ju-yiJoo-yiexBP Rania
1993 November 22Yoo Ki-hyeon Ki-hyunMonsta X
1993 March 2Yoo Sang-do Sang-doTopp Dogg
1991 January 8Yoo Seong-ohYoo Seong-ohhiatus24K
1992 May 1Yoo Seung-junHonexMR.MR
1997 February 26Yoo Seung-wooYoo Seung-woo-
2001 May 11Yoo Si-wooSi-wooTRCNG
1994 May 24Yoo Tae-woong / Yukimoto Yasuo Tae-woongSnuper
1997 February 28Yoo Tae-yang Tae-yangSF9
1993 July 11Yoo Ye Hyang-gi Kimchi exAA
1999 August 3Yoo Yeon-jeong Yeon-jungCosmic Girls/WJSN
1995 September 17Yoo Yeon-ju Yooa Oh My Girl
1992 April 1Yoo Young-duJiahnIN2IT, ex Unit Black Boys24
1994 January 24Yoo Young-jae Young-jaeB.A.P
1995 May 2Yook Seong-jae Sung-jaeBTOB
1993 August 13Yoon Bo-mi Bo-miApink
1990 January 30Yoon Bo-ra Bo-raexSistar
1996 July 7Yoon Chae-kyung Chae-kyungApril, ex I.B.I
1995 August 25Yoon Do-woon Do-woonDAY6
1989 July 4Yoon Du-jun Doo-joonHIGHLIGHT, ex BEAST
1990 April 2Yoon Jeong-binJeong-binexTahiti
1995 October 4Yoon Jeong-han Jeong-hanSeventeen
1991 March 8Yoon Ji-seong Yoon Ji-sungWANNA ONE
1997 November 13Yoon Ji-yeon U-SiexBadkiz
1978 December 20Yoon Kye-sangYoon Kye-sangg.o.d
1994 August 22Yoon Sang-hyeok Yoonsan HOTSHOT
2000 March 21Yoon San-ha Yoon San-haASTRO
1987 June 15Yoon Seong-moSung-moSupernova
1993 May 10Yoon SeulYoonseulexWanna.B
1991 May 24Yoon Ye-jin Nada exWassup
1989 September 10Zhang BichenBichenexSunny Days
1991 October 7Zhāng Yìxīng Lay EXO
2001 November 22Zhōng Chénlè Chenle NCT
1998 December 16Zhōu Jiéqióng Joo Kyul-kyungPristin, ex I.O.I
1986 April 19Zhōu Mì Zhou Mi Super Junior-M
1990 December 11Zhōu Yìxuān Zhou Yixuan UNIQ
1999 June 14Zhōu Zǐyú/Chou Tzuyu Tzuyu TWICE
1998 November 2Zhuāng Dìngxīn/Chong Tingyan Elkie CLC


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