November 2016

2016 Melon #1 Daily Chart Songs (2016.01.03 – 2016.11.30) cr. KPOP COUNT,  datadance Count by song: Twice – TT | 26 days Twice – Cheer Up | 24 days Gfriend – Rough | 23 days Lim Changjung – The Love I Commited | 21 days Urban Zakapa – I Don’t Love You | 19 days Bewhy […]

This list will be updated on this post! This list will include idol that still active / listed active by their company / in military service Including member of groups, ex-member of groups and solo idol If someone missed / not listed / not correct just tell us! Updated July 29, 2017 Use ctrl+F if […]

List of Idol name by Surname/Family name, Stage name, Birth year, Birth date and The group, you can adjust it by yourself. This list includes 1. An idol who still active or listed active by their company, 2. An idol who serving in military service, 3. An ex idol 4. A solo artist that can […]